Package One


This package includes seven songs and accompanying lyric sheets.

We teach what is in our founding documents. In a simple, easy to learn way  

Songs Include:

“The Declaration of Independence”:  Uses exclusive direct quotes telling the Declaration’s story of why we needed to declare independence.  The principles the students learn here also served as an outline for our Constitution.

“Bill of Rights”:  Know all the rights within this document and where they are found as given in exact numerical order.

“The Constitution’s Seven Articles”: Teaches Our Governing laws in the order they appear within the Constitution, providing memory for this critical document.

“Our Republic”: Teaches what a republic is and its importance to our liberty and freedom. 

“Checks and Balances”: Learn the names and responsibilities of each branch of government.  Know how they limit, separate, and balance our governing powers.

“Preamble”: Teaches word for word the Preamble to the Constitution, telling us why the Constitution was written and the blessings it provides.

“Pledge of Allegiance”: Teaches patriotism, describing what the pledge means and the importance of what our flag stands for.  This song features the full pledge of allegiance and gives additional insights about each part of the pledge.  

Sample and Enjoy a Taste of Each Song 

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Checks and Balances - Sample
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Bill of Rights - Sample
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The Constitution's Seven Articles - Sample
0:00 / 0:00
The Pledge of Allegiance
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Preamble - Sample
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Declaration of Independence - Sample
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Our Replublic - Sample

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