LIBERTY SINGS  Providing fun, powerful, effective learning tools for teaching our Nation’s Constitution and Founding Documents

There is a great need for civics to be understood and learned. The music is purposely written rhythmic making the songs catchy,  filling the goal of being easy to learn and remember. These songs are great tools for anyone desiring to learn our founding documents, and principles, and how they protect our liberties. They keep us free! 

Learn what these documents say and mean.

Schools, teachers, and families have been asking for these songs to help teach their children. Adults have said they would like to learn and commit to memory these documents.

Focus:  These songs teach in a fun way our founding documents and principles and how they keep us free. Songs especially can stay in our memory for a lifetime. These songs are a tool to help students remember what they have been taught. Have fun learning the principles of our constitution and our founding documents. The accompanying booklet (coming soon) will teach the students an understanding of our founding documents and principles. It teaches the vocabulary and meaning of each song and why each principle is essential to individual freedom and liberty. They learn how our founding documents protect us. These documents keep us free!

Understanding Our Freedom

Our goal is to teach what is in our founding documents and how they protect our freedoms.

Our hope is to instill patriotism, understanding, and love for our country.

Throughout the years, we have noticed that people of the United States understand our rights under the Constitution less and less. Our primary mission is to restore the knowledge of the principles of liberty and how our freedom is protected under the Constitution of the United States. We believe that children, as well as adults, learn easily through music and art. That is why we have composed new educational music about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to educate and provide tools for lasting memory. Feel free to sample our music and purchase a copy of our digital album. Let’s start restoring our patriotic education. 

Education Made Easy

Easy education tools for teachers.

Teachers are quite underappreciated when it comes to the amount of effort they put in to bring more educational tools to their students. This is why we are providing new tools with purchases to facilitate education. Every purchase comes with a lyric sheet to enjoy singing along to.  We offer accompaniment minus tracks and full voice tracks, choreography videos, videos on conducting speech and doing sign language, and much more. For complete customization of education and performances.  Additional rehearsal practice materials are also provided through our website, with solo and group speaking parts that can be practiced by logging into our website. The students reap the benefits of hearing and practicing with a clip of their special part.   

Who we are

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